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Hi, fellow learner!  My name is Jonah—a resource speaker, marketer, writer, and entrepreneur. 

I help young professionals like you in achieving business and life goals through the content and events I create.  You can learn from my specialization in personal development, content marketing, and writing.

Currently, I manage several brands and the core of my businesses is inspired by the theme "learn and share". 

I believe that wealth—in form of knowledge, money, talents, experience, or connections—is meant to be grown and shared.

I worked as a fundraiser for nonprofits for seven years.  That's where I learned how to be a marketing rockstar to advance noble missions.  Being a marketer, just like learning, is a lifestyle. 

In 2016, I pursued my dream of being a resource speaker and author.  And within two years, I have met and trained almost 900 learners who share the same value for wisdom and personal development!  

My mission is to raise balanced, and relationship-driven young professionals; and I'm looking for life learners and leaders to join my journey.
Jonah Chipeco​​
Learn & Share Founder
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Harold Gardon
Financial Consultant

Red Deroña
Media Manager

Learn & Share is my online mastermind group.  It is where people with diverse background meet to help each other reach their dreams. 

This community helped me learn how to use social media as a tool for my business.  This is where I did my first FB live talk about my advocacy in personal finance.  I also met my Instagram Support Group here, too.

If you're looking for a team in whatever life goals you have, this could be the group for you.
I learned a lot from the newsletter and seminars of Learn & Share.  It helps me professionally in dealing with my tasks and personally boosting my confidence.

Being knowledgeable is a good thing, but Learn & Share helps me become more effective by helping me use my knowledge.

The Founder, Jonah Chipeco, is also warm and very friendly.  Meeting her is like having a mentor and a friend who genuinely cares-rolled into one.

Rubie Astronomo
Legal Administrator

Neil Tan
Business Owner

I met Learn & Share Founder Jonah Chipeco in one of her seminars and she has been a big help in my personal and career goals since then.  I do not get only practical advice but I'm encouraged to take action and try something new.   

I discovered myself more in this community.  Kudos to Learn & Share!
Jonah Chipeco is an effective speaker and business strategist.  She speaks with passion and dedication to all her audience and clientele.  I have worked with her for several years and I can say that professionally, she's trustworthy and highly efficient.
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