I help young professionals promote their personal brand or business by teaching marketing, project management, and communication principles.

                      JONAH CHIPECO
                                          SPEAKER, MARKETER, AUTHOR, ENTREPRENEUR

Do you have an awesome business idea that you want to share with the world?  

Are you passionate about getting better at your skills so you can make a difference in your community?

Do you believe that you have to make your message known to the right people so you can create a bigger impact?

You’re right  The best way to reach your dreams is to break out of your shell.

Market yourself and communicate.  

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or working professional, every product or service you could offer needs an audience.

You need to build your personal brand, too!

In today’s digital world, one key skill that can help reach your goal of getting found is writing. You’re not exempted from performing this action every day.

Creating a professional resume invites job opportunities. Likewise, a well-written proposal attracts business deals.

Blogging, sharing informative posts on social media, or sending e-newsletters will build your credibility and establish a connection with your target audience.

But maybe you…

 ❤ feel that you’re bad at writing;

 ❤ have no idea how to market yourself;

 ❤ need help in growing your connection.

If you perform better in planning or executing an idea than actually talking about it especially through written words, I understand your challenge.  

I have met:

✓ working professionals who feel their writing skills suck and want to learn

✓ entrepreneurs who want to tap content and digital marketing because they're tired of traditional ways to market their business

✓ new freelancers who want their brand to be known so they can attract more clients

If you’re in the same situation, we can explore learning from each other.

I'd love to connect with you if you share any one of these values― productivity, creativity, relationships.  These are the core of my businesses.

Learning all begins with understanding what's important to you and having the right mindset.  When it comes to writing or marketing, I have these BELIEFS that can help you get started:

❤ You DON’T need to be an expert and know ALL THINGS but understand basic principles that you need to practice.

❤ You only have a few mistake patterns that weigh you down and makes you think you’re bad at writing or marketing.  If you pinpoint these, you’ll instantly boost your confidence.

❤ You can write blog posts, ebooks, essays, or anything written you wish to create as long as you have the knowledge, connection, and tools.  Similarly, you can make your dreams happen with these three.

I combined my experiences as a marketing
practitioner, writer, and entrepreneur to share

You may access templates and systems
through my seminars, e-books, or coaching

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Lots of love,

Jonah was able to bring together her love for writing, marketing, and public speaking as an entrepreneur. She juggled these passions while having a full-time job for ten years.

Early in 2016, she decided to develop training programs and teach business writing among young professionals. In the process, she continuously expands her knowledge to strengthen her expertise.

She eventually offered seminars in technical writing, social media, and email marketing in partnership with various training institutions.




  • Marketing practitioner since 2006
  • Established pioneer fundraising teams for World Vision Philippines and Habitat for Humanity
  • Co-founded Go Up Events Manila as Chief Marketing Officer
  • Served as Board Member for Christian Stewardship Association (Asian Theological Seminary's Fundraising Graduates)

  • Creates training manuals, online courses, and business proposal templates for small business owners
  • Writes content for several websites, blogs, social media pages, and promotional materials
  • Published four e-books on Amazon Kindle to date

  • Manages a family business nominated by the National Data Research Services for the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence from 2015 to 2017
  • Launched her resource speaking business in 2016 and facilitated over 40 publiic seminars and more than 900 students (as of January 2018)

  • Organized a nationwide campaign for SM Supermalls in 2010
  • Spearheaded Human Nature’s Pinay and Proud Conference in 2016
  • Accredited by the Philippine Broadcasters Association as radio announcer in 2006



Ginger Arboleda
Serial Entrepreneur
Founder of Manila Workshops and Taxumo
“Jonah is a seeker of new knowledge and ways of thinking.
What I like about her is that she doesn’t stop at learning; she executes!  

You need the right amount of will and tolerance for failure to achieve success. Jonah has that and I have no doubt that she will continue to succeed in everything she does.”

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